Look What I Found

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Passion speaks of your extensive desire to someone, to something. And fear of failing keeps a person away from its passion. But where will you find your passion? How will you know that it is your passion?

Open the doors. Let the rest of the world conspire with you in creating a new you. Do things that are different from the usual things that you do. Escape from your routines. Find your path but let it flow as eternal as the river.

I am searching for a new path and I will let myself be consumed by Earth. Because things have been opened to me, and I refused to see it before. Now, I will let things come my way whatever that may be. I would know of the risk, but I should be prepared that there are things I might have to lose – because it is in losing that you gain. I will let myself experience anger, fear, sorrow, joy and love all at the same time. I’ll open myself into the messages that the world is telling me.

And it should start now.

I was cleaning my files when I found a document titled “esta”, when I opened it, it has this inspiring note which I can’t remember whether I was the one who wrote it or not. Nevertheless, I found it really inspiring. If I really did write it, maybe I was searching for something that will give me passion in doing it. It’s passion that makes us live and gives meaning to our lives. If we are passionate about something, no matter what the obstacles are, we will surely get there. I do have aspirations in life and I have to push myself to achieve these goals. But if I ever get to it, I will keep on running and find something else to keep me going again. After all, life is just about making it to the finish line and starting all over again.


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