Recipe to-do list

These are some of the dishes I will be posting the recipes soon. I realized that writing a recipe is no joke after all. I should think through the ingredients and instructions to make sure that if I or you tried to cook the dish, we’ll get the results consistently. I wish I can just tell, ‘oh, just put a dab of blah blah blah and mix with blah blah blah’ but I can’t. Consistency is the key. So watch out for these recipes!
the ‘whatever’ pasta


seafood-veggie pancit


cinnapple crepe


burger steak with mushroom gravy sauce


seafood pesto


TGIF wannabe steak


fettucine alfredo


hubby’s chicken teriyaki 
(i should get him to write the recipe for this)


tomato-pesto shrimp pasta


steamed grouper (lapu-lapu)


top: not-so-Filipino-style bolognese

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