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Squeeze it, Whip it! Letting out those creative juices

The video on paradigm shift in my last article mentioned about the decreasing creativity skills of a person as he/she grows older. While we have bigger roles and responsibilities as an adult, I don’t think it hurts a lot to set aside that hey-I’m-an-old-person-I-don’t-care-about-nonsense-thing-that-doesn’t-add-to-my-bank-account attitude. Sometimes, we do need to take a break and let our childhood fantasies and whimsical traits come back to life. All we need is a little of our childlike character to make that creative juice flowing again. Here are some things I learned which I hope would help those (like me) who’s in search of that creative spark during a gloomy and stressful day.

Daydreaming... Whenever I feel stressed or tired, I look at the sky or just stare blankly either thinking about the good things that happened to me today or my goals in life or my next blog article, and this usually happens when I’m on the road. Take the opportunity when you’re in a cab or a public transport to dream about the next place you want to go, a food craving, a book that you just read or want to read, or just about anything. No restrictions. Just don’t forget where your next stop is. You might enjoy it too much!

Say hello to mother nature. Go on a nature trip. It doesn’t matter where you are. You could pack up your bag and head for the great outdoor adventure or spot a nearby  park, garden, or lake. Admire our environment while we still can. Being one with nature and appreciating that I’m not the only inhabitant of this world is a humbling and extraordinary experience. Whenever I see trees, smell the flowers, chase a dragonfly, it clears up my mind and puts myself in a different perspective.

Curious cat. I admire a kid who doesn’t mind getting messy wandering around the backyard bushes, digging up holes or climbing up a tree. But who said adults couldn’t do it? We change and we grow. At some point in our lives we discover new things and still keep on discovering ourselves. So, why would we let our curiosity fade? Just because you’re wearing a tie and not a shirt? Just because you’re earning, eating in a fancier restaurant you wouldn’t care getting your hands dirty planting trees, eating with your bare hands? We do have our own comfort zones, I do have mine, and it’s really a push (trust me, it’s a lot harder to push yourself than to push other people) to get out of it and explore.

Be a kid for a day. What do you enjoy most when you were a kid? What were your most memorable childhood memories? I enjoyed riding a bike when I was a kid and I still do. Play in the rain, draw something, fly a kite. Sometimes we just need to loosen up a bit to think more clearly. Life is too short to be worrying about so many things.

Practice keeping an open mind. Ok, this one is pretty hard. We always have opinions and we always want to be heard. I’m sure you may have experienced that while you’re trying to listen to someone, things are already creeping into your mind and in the end you didn’t really get what the other person is trying to say. It might take awhile to learn the trick and I’m still trying to work on keeping an open mind especially when it comes to the things that I write. But good things come out from people and we might get something important from them that which could actually help us into making our ideas happen.

Read, read and read. Books are our imagination’s best friend. I’m sure one way or another, you’ve read fairytales when you were a kid or your mom and dad has read you one. Boys are into comic books, girls into magazines and pocketbooks. I sometimes feel that characters in some books that I read manifest who I am or who I wanna be and this is one way of expressing my creativity. Imagining what I read and making those images in my mind. I’m a slow reader so I tend to savor the words and create mental pictures while reading a book. It’s a good way of relaxing too. So why not grab a book and start going into another world.

Jot it down or get a snap shot. If you have an idea that pops into your mind write it down so you can look back on it. If you saw something that interests you, take a picture. Make the most out of those ordinary days when you saw extraordinary things. Those times are unadulterated or as what my friend would say it ‘virginal’. Those were moments when you have freed up your mind and you just let your senses act. Sometimes creativity happens in the most uncommon instances. The more raw and spontaneous it is, the better.

Lastly, enjoy! That’s my grandma having fun at Universal Studios.


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