Whirlwind Weekend

After the gruelling exam last Wednesday, I finally had the time off for myself and my husband. No classes, no group presentations, no lecture class on a Saturday. I only get to enjoy the weekend once every 6 weeks since I started studying again and I was so excited to spend it with my hubby. But why did I put whirlwind weekend? Well, that’s for you to find out. =)

Day 1 – Saturday
I woke up early to cook for hubby. I haven’t been doing this for quite sometime because he would either cook for me (I’m a very lucky wife) or we’d have breakfast somewhere else. And somewhere else would mean McDonald’s, which isn’t really bad at all, but home-cooked meal is still the best.

Sorry, breakfast was too good I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture. I prepared scrambled eggs, crispy fried back bacon and fresh oranges for breakfast. Pair it up with hot coffee (for me) and Swiss Miss’ marshmallow hot chocolate (for hubby) and it’s the perfect chill weekend. We spent the morning having breakfast while watching the news.

Then I cooked Filipino-style Curry Chicken for lunch. Hmm, why did I say Filipino-style? Since I live in Singapore and travelled in other Asian countries, our version of the curry dish tasted differently from Indian or Japanese. I think Filipino curry chicken has a subtle spicy taste compared to Indian curry and less sweet than Japanese curry. Yeah, I think that Japanese curry is sweet and spicy and I love it too! Anyway, maybe because we use more coconut milk (kakang gata) to our curry and the spices that we put in it were not as rich as Indian spices. So here’s the Curry Chicken dish I made.

I think it was a day well spent. I managed to rest, read a book, and finished some household chores.

Day 2 Sunday
Woke up early again but this time, not because of breakfast, but to watch the Eastern Conference Finals between Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics. Thanks to Western influence and food, I just prepared a bowl of cereals and fresh fruits for me and hubby. We’re so hooked up with NBA there was no time to prepare a more decent breakfast. Haha! We’re both rooting for Celtics and they did good during the first three quarters, actually even in the final quarter. But not until 5 minutes before the game ends. Unfortunately, Boston couldn’t cope up with (I think this was good play plus sheer luck) Miami’s steals and shots that went in. So, in the end, Miami made it to the finals and facing off with OKC Thunder.

Right after NBA, we switched to watch Manny Pacquiao’s match against Timothy Bradley. And boy was it even more disappointing! Not only did I felt Pacman wasn’t throwing enough punches against Bradley, although you could notice it hits hard everytime he throws a punch to Bradley, but he actually lost the match. Although Filipinos still count on him as a hero, he really has to regain his thrown as pound-for-pound king this time. (Yes, I firmly believe he deserves the title pound-for-pound king)

Watching both games was a mixture of emotions, elating and devastating. Boston lost, and so did Manny. =(

On the bright side, I enjoyed the company of my hubby, my flatmates, and my brother, who dropped in to watch the match with us. He brought some goodies back from the Philippines like pan de sal, ready-to-eat meals, cold cuts, my grandma’s homemade dessert we call leche flan (it tastes like creme brulee), my sister’s homemade cordon bleu (you may have noticed that cooking runs in the family), and some other stuffs.

We also invited my brother and his friend for lunch and this time it was hubby’s turn in the kitchen. He cooked his bestseller dish Chicken-Pork Adobo and it was a hit! We barely saved enough for dinner! Sorry guys, I forgot to take a picture. We were all hungry after the back-to-back game we dig into the adobo dish and warm steamed rice like tired, exhausted athletes.

Last but not the least, we ended the day attending Mass at our parish church. It was a special 3 o’clock mass in celebration of our nation’s independence which is happening, today, 12 June. It was celebrated in Tagalog (our national language) by a Filipino priest and the parish Filipino choir sang those popular Filipino mass songs. As customary to Filipino celebrations, it ended with a banquet.

It was a perfect weekend to end if not for an aching tooth, a sore throat, and migraine all coming in at once. However, I’m still thankful that I’m with my family in these simple yet memorable days. It was indeed a weekend spent well.


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