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Highs and Lows in July

It’s been a month of struggles, satisfaction and nostalgia. I just finished the exam for my third module and I’m just happy I made it out of the exam room alive. I can only wish to pass this test. No expectations, no aspirations, nothing. It’s been 6 years since I studied so hard for an exam and it was a lot harder this time because I had to juggle (real) work and study. (I’ve been a working student back in college but that doesn’t count.) I still have 2 modules left before I can get my postgraduate diploma. But despite all the hardships, good things come out somewhere and I had a wonderful experience with a friend who visited Singapore for the first time.

Self-confessed fangirls, I took Shar to the Harry Potter exhibit at Marina Bay Sands’ Art and Science Museum. I cannot define our awe and excitement when we have finally seen (touched some) the real costumes and props that Warner Brothers used when they filmed the movie. Too bad we’re not allowed to take any photos inside so, the only souvenir we had was this picture with the flying Ford Anglia at the exhibition lobby. Of course, there’s no other way to describe our experience but definitely priceless and worth every second going around the 1,400-square-metre exhibition.

The Flying Ford Anglia. Taken with an iPhone.

After walking around for more than two hours, we finally sat down for a late lunch at TWG  where we were served with fine tea and crepé. And oh, complimentary french macarons from the warm Filipino staffs of the restaurant.

Taken with an iPhone

French macarons and Sakura tea. Taken with an iPhone

Shar went for a shopping spree at TWG shop. Bought some treats for herself and some friends back in the Philippines. I got one from her too! It’s a special concoction of coffee and tea recommended by one of the staff who is again, a Filipino. He even gave Shar a complimentary tea. Aren’t we Filipinos just awesome people?

Shar and her paradise. Taken with an iPhone

The day’s not over yet. After that late lunch, we headed to IKEA, our next best favorite place in Singapore.  We didn’t buy anything though but we had a good time looking at furnitures. Vivo City is just nearby and Shar’s friends were also having an awesome time at Sentosa, so we decided to go there to have dinner and also for her to meet up with her friends who came with her for the trip. I met up with hubby and we took Shar to dinner at Marché, which is also one of my favorite places. My phone ran out of battery so I wasn’t able to take pictures of us at the restaurant. This is definitely one of my most memorable moments because I had the chance to take one of my girlfriends on a quick tour around the city where I currently live. We wished Karla and Glai were here that time. We could have had an epic experience. But of course, Shar’s trip deserved a toast! I really hope we’ll have this girl-bonding trips soon.


2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows in July

  1. Aww, you blogged about it! 🙂 the Singapore trip wouldn’t have been so awesome if you and Jun weren’t there. Thank you, really, it was wonderful. And yes, it will happen again, don’t worry. Next time, I’ll remember to bring a camera (or maybe ask you to bring one) 😉

    • It’s pretty overdue but, better late than never. It’s a pleasure for both of us to take you on a quick tour. 😀 Haha! Sure, just let me know if I need to be your photographer if you’re coming back to Singapore again. tc! 🙂

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