Of weekends and girlfriends

Isn’t it refreshing to step out of your usual activities once in awhile?

Two weekends ago I decided to do something else out of my ordinary Sunday and that is, going out. Well, it’s not really something big but Sundays are an exemption. You see, apart from my weekly obligations as a Catholic to attend mass, I try to avoid going out on Sundays mainly because:

  • Growing up my parents taught me that Sundays are meant for resting and spending time with the family (And barbecue! Don’t you just love it?);
  • So that I could catch up with the remaining chores at home;
  • Regain my energy for the coming work week;
  • Stay longer in bed;
  • Rest, rest and rest.

So after mass, I went to meet my friend Mitch and since we have different work schedules I only get to see her once in a while despite living in a small country, and I mean really small (I think it’s only as big as Manila), that is Singapore. We had late lunch at Serenity Spanish bar and restaurant where we had octopus tapas, Paella Valenciana, and sangria. We were disappointed with the small serving of their tapas, considering the price. I was not even convinced of the presentation. It was plain grilled octopus on top of potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, pepper and rock salt. I think my description was even nicer than how it actually looks. Sorry I couldn’t find a picture of it on the internet and I also forgot to take photos of the food. But I think they did well on their authentic Paella Valenciana ’cause they used bomba rice (or was it arborio rice?) and it was freshly cooked right from the pan. The photo below is close to what was served to us. To top it off, Mitch and I enjoyed the meal with a glass of sangria.

Paella Valenciana
Sangria de Melocoton y Naranja
Sangria Fresa

After satisfying our stomachs, girl bonding won’t be complete without… shopping! I accompanied her to shop for new clothes, which I then realized her birthday’s coming up (no wonder, the girl’s spending on some nice clothes at Mango). So finally, when our feet got tired from walking around, we settled at Max Brenner for a warm cup of chocolate while waiting for my hubby to pick me up. Oops! Hold it! It’s actually a mouth-watering chocolate milkshake with chocolate bits on top. And can I just say, it’s heaven!

Max Brenner’s Eighties Milkshake served in an Alice’s Drink Me glass
I want one of this!

To sum it up, I ended the week fulfilled. It does make you feel better to do something different (even if it sounds normal for others) although, I think I’ll stick to my Sunday rest day for the moment. Besides, I kinda missed the couch and watching movies with hubby.

Have a good week everyone! Happy birthday to my dearest friend, Mitch!

And that’s my girlfriend right there! 


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