When tweeting robs my thoughts

Before you say or think of anything, I have a disclaimer: I have no intent to ruin the idea of tweeting or to create any disapproval with Twitter. In fact, I love Twitter, and tweeting, and social media in general. So please hear me out.

I’m not sure if I could call myself a social media addict but if it means checking my Facebook and Twitter more than once everyday, I could fit well in that category. I remember that back in college my friends were already in the hype of Facebook-ing (if that’s how you call it) and they were all encouraging me to join mainly because, it’s FUN. And I realized, it really is fun and interesting! But I only started getting hook into it and the rest of the social media sites like Twitter only few years back. So now, I have accounts for almost all popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and of course, WordPress. Which leads me to why I wrote this post.

While I learn a lot of things from reading tweets and Facebook news, I’m sure all you social media enthusiasts out there would agree that it eats up a LOT of your time. And when those hours were eaten up, we tend to miss on the important things that we should be doing. Those things that were really in our to-do lists. But that’s not just the only thing I worry about in my so-called addiction, while I’m engaged to tweeting and updating my status and pinning and all those -ings that you can do on all those social media platforms, I lose those juicy pieces of thoughts which I could actually write about.

I remember when I met my friend Sharline few months ago, we were chatting about how convenient tweeting is that it loses our ideas for blogging. We were both ranting about how less we blog and more so, write these days. I mean, of course, we do have other things to prioritize like studies, work, family, etc. but as writers (well, we both graduated with a degree in journalism) we have to put those skills into practice. She mentioned that it became so comfortable for her to tweet about new ideas and to sum it up into 150 words, there’s nothing interesting left by the time she wants to blog/write about something. And I completely agree with her. It’s easy to just post something that runs into your mind with Twitter and Facebook and start an online discussion with anyone else who shares the same idea as yours. Especially, when the event is fresh. Like for example, the time she visited Singapore. I effortlessly updated a status on Facebook that I was having a good time with her at that moment we were at the Harry Potter exhibition. But it took me a month to gather my thoughts (and my time) to blog about that wonderful experience with her.

Although it’s getting interactive these days and we do learn a lot from people’s point of views, I still feel that I have to struggle and push myself (or even slap my self) to write despite these conveniences. I’m still guilty at sitting in front of the computer for hours checking on other peoples photos, posting new ideas I found on the internet, reading other people blogs, but, it’s time I crack out of the Twitter thought balloon and actually blog about it. I’m going to be honest that I can’t give up my social media activities but I also think that it’s a matter of putting my perspective and penning (it’s not from another social media) it down.



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