Monday blues

Don’t you think Mondays are meant to be a disaster?

This morning I summed up all my strength to wake up and get ready for work. I’ve had this migraine since yesterday and can I just tell you it gets so painful I just want to knock my head on the wall. I felt that even if I took a bath and dressed nicely, I still looked horrible because of this ailing headache.

When I arrived at the office, I quickly bought a double-shot latte to help ease my migraine and something to eat so I could take my medicines. But things just can’t stop getting worse when my blouse caught some stain from the syrup that dripped out of my coffee tumbler. I tried to wash off the stain but instead of removing it, the water had actually caused the stain to get bigger I looked even sloppier than I had expected.

I was about to tweet this morning’s incident but remembering my last article, I decided to blog about it. I know this article doesn’t make much sense but I guess I’ve been sharing long enough to actually make it suitable as a blogpost. Sometimes we really can’t avoid a bad day from getting worse. Do you also have that feeling that one bad thing leads to another? Even if I tried to be more careful today and act normally, nature doesn’t seem to cooperate with me…

But then again… somehow, somewhere, nature has its way of making the day end nicely. While I’m about to give up and succumb to this dreadful day, it ended with an evening mass I attended with hubby and a simple dinner prepared by him. So I’m now typing the last phrases of this post with a gentler mood and lighter head.

I hope your Monday’s not as bad as mine. Have a good week everyone!


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