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I say hello to visual journal-ing

I am currently rediscovering my interest with arts and crafts. I had once set aside this inquisitiveness for anything artsy mainly because I don’t see myself as having such talent. However, I was hoping I could find a way that would help me rekindle and develop this passion. When I heard about visual journalling, it came to be intimidating for me. After doing some research, reading blogs about visual journal, and how to start doing it from scratch, what seemed to be a daunting task gave me a spark of hope that I could actually become ‘artistic’! What encouraged me to start a visual journal was it’s goal of expressing YOURSELF and putting whatever form of art you could put into the pages of a blank notebook, a sketchpad, or even a piece of paper that you could eventually compile to create your own visual journal.

And what better way to start my first page than an illustration of a season that I’ve long been wanting to experience… autumn. (Pardon me if some of the details may not be as accurate as from those who are lucky to be spending autumn now.) I love it for its cinematic effect and for its earthly colors. It’s like Mother Nature telling us that she needs some time to chill, drink a pumpkin spice latte and read a book under a tree, where leaves keep on falling. It’s the chilly but not shivery kind of feeling as the season approaches winter. There’s a sense of warmth and nostalgia. So here it is (please be nice… I’m just a beginner).

To those who would like to start a visual journal like me, I started with a regular-sized notebook, some coloring/drawing pens and scrapbook papers for design. You can also check these blogs for some tips:

To Live Inspired

How Does She

Or books such as:

The Art Journal Workshop by Traci Bunkers

The Journal Junkies Workshop by Eric M. Scott & David R. Modler

If you don’t feel like spending a lot on a start up journal you can check these books at Google Books or head to your town library.

Happy Visual Journaling! And Happy Autumn too!

my startup kit



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