Many things to be grateful for

I’ve been reading other blogs lately to gain tips on how to improve my blog and I noticed one thing that’s common in almost all of them, creating a weekly list. It doesn’t matter what kind of list you do, but most of them said making a list already guarantees you one post per week which I think is a clever idea. So what better way to start off than to count my blessings. To top it off, it’s a few days before Thanksgiving which makes it even more relevant and timely.

So here are the little things I’m grateful for each day:

For waking up to a new day (whether it’s bright or not)

Daily dose of coffee (which also helps to prevent my migraine)

Happy food (aka stress reliever) and childish things so I won’t forget to stop and think of the simple joys in life.

Random piles of books to read, recipes to write, projects to start, & future plans. Makes me appreciate how these things can cheer a soul.

The fun of running and doing other sport activities… playing video games too!

Technology of which I won’t be able to accomplish my tasks, to pursue my hobby but most importantly, to communicate with loved ones near and far.

My bed, my pillow and my quilt… and the comfort it gives me every night after a tiring day at work. Yes, that’s my bed right there with a little friend getting comfy. (I used to foster 2 bunnies but they were already adopted)

Home-cooked meals… especially when it’s cooked by hubby 🙂

And the 2 last things,

Crazy friends who are too crazy to stick with me through thick and thin.

Love and support from family who are always there for me no matter where I am.

How about you? Do you also have a list of the things that keeps you getting by each day?




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