Reasons Why Angelina Is A Beautiful Human Being

1. She’s got awesome tattoos

AJ has about a dozen tattoos in her body. Some were added, some were removed but each tattoo defines something about her and the life that she has. And that’s something beautiful about those inks.

2. She’s an artist

I’m sure  you’ve seen her turn from victim to villain in the numerous roles she did in Hollywood. But she’s not just your ordinary actress who puts on a game face when the cameras are rolling. Angelina Jolie is also a screenwriter, an author, a film director, and a producer. In fact, she’s one of the executive producers of her recent film, Maleficent.

3. She’s a humanitarian

Definitely more than a gorgeous face and a fame to boot, Angie has received numerous recognition and honors for her humanitarian works.  A “real-life” Lara Croft, she’s been on field missions giving aid to refugee camps, war zone areas, and has been strongly fighting for children and women rights. In one of her statements for her cause she said, “Awareness of the plight of these people. I think they should be commended for what they have survived, not looked down upon.”

4. She’s a super mom

With a brood of 6, who can’t say she’s a super mom? I mean, come on! She’s a star, a public figure, and yet she’s very hands-on with her family. She even slams Hollywood celebrity moms who complain about their situation.

5. She’s a fighter

From a whirlwind kind of life while she was growing up, failures in her lovelife, proving her talent as an actress, becoming a mom and a wife, her humanitarian causes, and lastly, prioritizing her health over what the society might think otherwise, having all that courage to face whatever life throws at her, AJ is one heroine. No wonder she’s been receiving all the credits she deserves to have now, including the title of Dame Angelina Jolie.






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