Food Review: Sonya’s Garden

Whenever I feel stressed out or just looking for a quick weekend getaway, Tagaytay has always been my go-to place. A visit to this town will never be complete without dropping by Sonya’s Garden. I’ve been to this place several times, so frequent that I’ve witnessed how the place grew from a small bed & breakfast nook to an event place. It has grown quite popular nowadays as a wedding venue because of its serene ambiance and Filipiniana motif. The place now offers not just accommodation but also has opened a spa, a novelty shop, a panaderia, and of course, its famous buffet restaurant (I also buy my potted herbs here) which gets me coming back again and again.

Sonya’s Garden offers an all-you-can eat lunch and dinner of salad, bread, and pasta. I personally feel it’s a “guilt-free” buffet because of the healthy dishes that they serve. Bread is served first with different spreads like mushroom pate instead of liver, basil pesto (a personal favorite), white cheese (kesong puti), anchovies, salsa, and black olive tapenade. Their greens are freshly picked and grown from their in-house gardens and served with an array of fresh fruits, nuts, and dressings to complement the salad. I particularly like the Sonya’s Secret, a homemade salad dressing that’s sweet and sour in taste. It’s close to an Italian dressing but still unique in flavor. They also have a vinaigrette dressing if you prefer a more tangy taste.

The entrée consists of pasta which you can have in red (tomato and herbs) or white (chicken and mango) sauce with mushrooms, salmon belly, olives, capers, and cheese. I’d say go all out on the toppings ’cause it really blends well with their sauces. If you prefer to have more meat on your meal, they have an à la carte braised chicken with potatoes or roast chicken. But this is a whole chicken so if you’re only eating as a couple, you better think twice before ordering it. And then of course, their dessert of glazed sweet potato, banana rolls with jackfruit (turon), and the decadent, just the right amount of sweetness, homemade chocolate cake. Can that get any better?

The beverages are still all natural with fresh dalandan juice with mint leaves and tarragon tea. Take note that the green leaves with water on your table are not just for decoration purpose. Those are mint leaves that you can actually put in your juice. You can also eat them as it is after a meal to freshen up your breath. The tarragon leaves are placed directly on your cup if you ordered for hot tea. Beverages are refillable so you can have them as much as you want.

To round-up your entire experience, the restaurant is warmly lit, has no aircon, but there is good ventilation everywhere. Tables are well set in intricate handmade tablecloths and napkins. You can take a stroll in the garden after your dining experience and buy some goodies before you head back home.

Sonya’s Garden serves their lunch and dinner buffet daily at P683 per pax. Since it has become a popular destination in Tagaytay, best to make a reservation especially if you’re coming as a group. You can check for the details on their website. For more reviews, you can check out my account on the looloo app.

Photos courtesy of: Sonya’s Garden


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